Blunt, Fulton, Cheeky, The Umbrella Shop, and imminently, the unusual and wind resistant Senz from Holland, are brands that signal quality and taste to those who appreciate excellence in rain and sunshade items.

The Umbrellatorium & Canery, a recent arrival and addition to the city’s shopping landscape, is now the go-to place for well made umbrellas and canes, the type and variety many have come to appreciate over the years.  Their Fan Tan Alley location in Downtown Victoria’s Chinatown District provides the perfect backdrop for the eclectic and French inspired shoppe, wonderfully outfitted with a selection to satisfy every taste.

An original umbrella 'boutique' to fill all your weather needs!

An original umbrella ’boutique’ to fill all your weather needs!

The passion and expertise of owners Veronica Sasges and Lyra Riley unfolded from a desire to provide an unusual and needed commodity.  Having worked in the Healthcare Industry, Sasges and Riley became aware of the desire for beautiful and unusual canes rather than those provided by standard Medical Suppliers. Coupled with their love of very cool umbrellas, their dream business was born.

Famous 'Blunt' umbrellas are sturdy and tech saavy!

Famous ‘Blunt’ umbrellas are sturdy and tech savvy!

Umbrella usage has come into its own since the early 1600’s when they were mainly carried as a tool providing shade from the sun.  It was also carried as a sign of dignity and status.  We now use them to provide protection from the elements and in North American society, a recent upsurge in usage has taken place as a smart sun-protection choice instead of using harmful sunscreen chemicals on the skin.

Senz - umbrellas for speedy winds.

Senz – umbrellas for speedy winds.

Blunt, a highly popular brand, enjoys a huge following of enthusiasts that love the craftsmanship and print/fabric styling.  The store stocks a varied supply at all times.  Blunt has recently created a new advent of umbrella.  Their umbrellas come with a micro-chip that will help locate it when lost via an app on your mobile device.


‘Be Seen’ with gorgeous Museum Of Modern Art designs in any weather.

The 'Birdcage'

The ‘Birdcage’

Umbrellas are notably popping up in the celebrity scene.  From the Duchess of Cambridge to movie star outings everywhere, parasols and the widely popular birdcage/bubble versions are now fashionable statements as well as weather protectants.  Just open up your Instagram accounts and you’ll see every colour and style imaginable carried by fashionable folks everywhere.
The shoppe is quickly becoming known as the place to go for the practical as well as novelty umbrellas and canes.  ‘Skinny Minny’, the purse size pop ups are a favourite as well as collapsible golf umbrellas.  The Museum of Modern Art versions, the gorgeous Pagodas and scenic stylings by local artist, Robert Amos are just a few of the perennial favourites carried at the shoppe.

The 'Pagoda'. Worth a visit to see this classic style in all its glory!

The ‘Pagoda’. Worth a visit to see this classic style in all its glory!

The Umbrellatorium & Canery also carries a great selection for children.  Colour reactives, reflective and fun frillies provide wonderful cover and style for the up coming school year.
Drop in to see the beautifully crafted canes and walking sticks created by local artists,  Dave Whittington and Jeff Schramek.  Not just practical but can easily be seen as collector’s items.

A wide array of canes and hand crafted walking sticks to choose from!

A wide array of canes and hand crafted walking sticks to choose from!

Whether for your weather or walking needs or to simply pop open a beautiful personal favourite, The Umbrellatorium & Canery will delight you.  Drop in and see for yourself.
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