Shopping is habit forming.  Yes, the thrill of purchasing something new is always a powerful rush, but we also tend to stick to familiar spots and find it difficult to pull ourselves away to discover new and sometimes funky places that have so much to offer.

As a self proclaimed treasure hunter, I make it my business to take new paths less taken and dive into unknown territory whenever possible.  It’s been a blast so far!

Vancouver Island offers a myriad of beautiful little finds tucked away in some of the most indiscreet spots and if you blink you might miss them.

1.  Blink

This brings me to the cutest ever shop found in Dragon Alley in Victoria’s Chinatown.  Blink, is the size of my kitchen but chock full of gift items all purchased with care and displayed with flourish by owner Paul McNair.  Visiting this chic little spot is a treat all on its own.  The location is funky, located in a historic alleyway and the entrance welcomes you in to a world of treasure hunting and great finds!  No worries about the dog, she loves visitors and the attention 😉




2.  Leka

This fun shop dropped into my awareness at a recent fashion event in which their clothing was featured.  It stayed top of mind mostly due to the its owners zest for life and overall exuberant attitude and infectious friendliness.  Leka invites you to ‘play in fashion…to play in life’ and no doubt owner, Aase Lium-Hall insists on it.  Drop in and check out their colourful and practical and casual chic line.



3.  Hussy

Watch out ladies and perhaps the men too, Hussy has arrived in Victoria!  Hussy Boutique is Fan Tan Alley’s newest retail business specializing in Vintage Reproduction and Mid-century Inspired fashions for women.

It’s hot, jazzy and incredibly fun, fun, fun!  The next time you’re in Chinatown, make sure to drop in and take a nostalgic look and perhaps you’ll get inspired to spice up your wardrobe with a bit of fun!






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4.  Flush

Nothing better than an actual, beautifully stocked, bathroom boutique.  Flush is located in the seaside town of Sidney.  The variety, colour and quality of their items are enchanting to see as you walk through the door.  The bathroom is one of our most sacred spaces so think of Flush the next time you need a bit of glam to decorate this special spot.




5.  BC Ferries Gift Shop

Believe it or not, the Gift Shop on BC Ferries is a virtual treasure trove if you know how to look.  One of my most treasured items, a knitted shoulder cover, is quite the conversation piece.  Each time I wear it, I’m continually asked where I found it.  It’s funny to see the shocked expressions when I tell them I bought on board the ferry.  The next time you sail across to or from the mainland, take a moment to drop in and see what you discover.

gift shop



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